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Being the Church

Sunday 06-28-15 | Matthew 25:31-46 – The heart and mission of The Message is to be the purveyor of the Kingdom; or, to state it differently, to be the agent of the transition of the environment of heaven into the environment of it intended target – earth. (Mt 6:10). This message is the expression of that calling.

The Exotic Love Brazil Tour August 12-25, 2015

Ever wanted to do something spectacular for the Kingdom? Have you ever dreamt of wading into the spiritual realms up to your neck to see how it would affect your faith? Tired of hearing pastor Joe talk about the adventures in Brazil and want to create your own?

Now is your chance!

In August 2015 a team of disciples will leave The Message Church, team up with other believers from other states and invade the glamorous city of Rio de Janeiro and the northeastern Brazilian state of Ceará with the power of the gospel. We will form an international team with Brazilian believers and leaders and enter the spiritual melee of Kingdom growth that is occurring in Brazil.

It will be the opportunity of a lifetime!

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